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Frequently asked questions

1How are 3D virtual tours different from other video tours?
Standard tours are not virtual but instead tend to use a series of panoramic shots to create the illusion of being in the room. However, visitors generally cannot move about the space. With 3D virtual tours, we use Matterport technology which contains numerous cameras and sensors. This not only enables photographs to be taken but also creates a mesh that is transformed into a 3D model. Visitors can then explore the space online or via a virtual reality headset, providing them with a truly realistic experience of being present in the property
2Is it suitable for external use?
While generally 3D virtual tours work best inside, it is possible to include external spaces if the lighting is low enough.
3Which browsers are compatible with 3D virtual tours?
Our 3D virtual tours are compatible with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox on desktop computers. Mobile users can access them via Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS 8.
4Can the 3D virtual tour be embedded in my website?
Yes, it’s very simple to embed the tour into a website. We will provide you with an embed code to copy and paste along with a URL to share with clients. We can also assist you with this if you are having issues.
5How long does a scan take?
It depends on the size of the property, but generally somewhere between 35-60 minutes for every 1,000 Sq. Ft. It takes around a minute for each individual scan.
6How do I prepare my place for tour?
Marketing material is a very important aspect in selling your home. Photos, 3D scans, floor plans, and videos are typically the first impression a buyer has when considering your home. Take the time to prepare your home; this will help our professional photographers create images of your home that will promote the sale by following the tips in our "Preparation Checklist Guide".

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At 3D Virtually There, we’re paving the way for innovation in the world of 3D Reality Capture. Our mission is to show businesses new ways of using 3D Technology for differentiating themselves from the pack and attracting their dream clients. With next generation equipment including our high end Faro Focus, GeoSLAM, Leica GeoSystems scanners along with distinguishable process lighting and DJI drones. We pride ourselves on putting together some of the best Matterport Pro2 and Theta Z virtual tours throughout the state of Arizona. Founded by Bryce Perez, a lifelong entrepreneur who has spent more than twenty years in the trenches of owning and investing in businesses, our deepest passion is in using 3D Technology as a driving vehicle for our clients’ business success.